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Restaurant Consultant, Restaurant Expert, Howard Cannon
Welcome to Restaurant Investors of America™.

Restaurant Investors of America is a division of Restaurant Consultants of America™ - a highly-respected restaurant consulting and advisory firm covering every state and dozens of markets around the globe.

What separates us from the crowd is our unique ability to create world-class restaurant concepts and brands, and our unique ability to turnaround underperforming restaurant companies of all types and sizes.

But, what makes us truly special is our ability to source and secure funding for our clients, so that they can make their restaurant dreams and visions become a reality. Let’s be honest, the hottest restaurant concepts and ideas in the world mean absolutely nothing if you can't get the money to develop them. 

We understand the inner workings of the restaurant space and the money-side of restaurant matters. We help our clients develop a funding strategy, target the right type of money, source interested parties, secure funding meetings, create and deliver interesting presentations, and secure funds for nearly any type or size of restaurant deal with any type or style of restaurant concept. 

Since 1987, our restaurant consulting firm has served those interested in the restaurant industry by offering world-class quality advice and consulting to those wanting to fund restaurants, as well as, to those looking to find restaurant funding.

Our experts have served bankers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, athletes, developers, media personalities, and a host of other “high net worth” individuals that are interested in restaurant deals.

We can assist with start-up capital, concept development funding, growth capital, concept re-capitalization and more, as we deal with virtually every stage of funding and every type of funding need as it pertains to restaurants; and, we can assist from either side of the deal.  We understand restaurant funding, and pride ourselves on being world-class restaurant experts.

We understand the correlation that funding plays with every restaurant project, and we assist our clients in developing a funding strategy that makes sense for their business-model; and, then, we help them source and secure those funds.

We are not brokers and we do not make guarantees that we cannot back-up. We have been in this business way too long to do that. So we cannot - and will not - tell any client that we can guarantee that their particular project will get funded by us or anyone else. We can guarantee that our strategy will be sound and together, and we will work with our clients to put them in the best possible position to secure funding with the best possible interested parties to give them the best reasonable chance for finding the funding they desire for their restaurant project.

For over 23 years, Restaurant Consultants of America™ has been one of the nation’s most sought after consulting firms, serving dozens of highly recognizable brands and working on highly-visible and highly-unique projects. We provide our clients with expert assistance and sound advice that they can count on.

Business plans, concept development, marketing and branding strategy, investor presentations, funding strategy, investor introductions, investor sourcing, concept presentations, executive support, and more. We do not broker deals and we are not your financial representative. We abide by all SEC rules and guidelines and abide by all Federal and State laws and regulations. If you are not interested in playing by the rules, we have no interest in assisting you with your funding needs. 


Our restaurant consulting firm has a simple Creed that we live by:

#1 – When considering taking on any new consulting project, we only work with clients that we feel comfortable with, and consulting projects that we are highly-confident that we can deliver results on.

#2 – We always provide a FREE Initial Consultation, Analysis & Quote; and, once we have determined to do business together, we always provide a well-written, easy-to-understand Consulting Services Agreement that both parties believe in and are committed to, so that there is never any question as to each party's role, responsibilities, time frames or costs associated with the entire duration of the consulting project.

#3 – Our clients come from every walk of life (including Fortune 500 executives, private family businesses, star athletes, media personalities, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, bankers, and developers - just to mention a few).  Our consulting group has worked in every state in America, in addition to many countries around the globe - with projects for 47 of the top 50 restaurant brands, as well as 100’s of independents.  We guarantee absolute confidentiality and anonymity for each and every client.  We do not ask for our clients to provide us with references.  We provide CV's upon request.

#4 – We work very hard, play fair, speak honestly and candidly, do what's right, do what we say we are going to do, expect others to do what they say they are going to do, set high standards, demand excellence, and deliver results. We are driven and intense and we believe there is no place in business for "jelly-fish" or those who are afraid to hear the truth, even when it hurts.

#5 – We offer our clients expertise that can be trusted, and we go above and beyond the call of duty to constantly and continually stay on top of all industry trends, comparisons and averages so that we know what every type of restaurant concept should be able to achieve.

#6 – We demand integrity, honesty, professionalism and "heart-felt" concern for the restaurant industry and the people that work in it. Our world-famous books are found in 76 countries around the globe and are read by tens of thousands of people. We take the responsibility of being good stewards of this industry very seriously, so that our clients and others in the business can trust that we "know our stuff", that we are people of our word, and that we will be around for many years to come.

#7 – We guarantee client satisfaction and do our absolute best to deliver the results that we promise, however, no one can make any promises or guarantees when it comes to funding and no one shoots one-hundred percent success when it comes to funding projects. The only thing we can guarantee is this...if we take you on as a client, we will work as hard as we can to make your deal and successful project.

Feel free to contact us anytime...

Best regards,

Restaurant Consultant, Howard Cannon
Howard Cannon
Restaurant Consultants of America

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Terms, conditions, rates, and expenses may differ on various projects.
Please refer to your executed services agreement for specific terms and conditions as they apply to your project.